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Parasite Control: Flea, Tick, & Helminth (Worm) Prophylaxis

The Delmont Veterinary Hospital stocks a vast array of high-quality medications, therapeutic agents, preventative therapies, prescription diets, and other healthcare items in stock to help you preserve, maintain, or rejuvenate the health of your beloved companion.

Parasite control is an extremely important aspect of your pet’s overall health maintenance program. Parasites such as fleas, ticks, and intestinal parasites not only cause discomfort for your pet, but they may also harbor microorganisms that can cause severe diseases, such as:
• Anaplasmosis
• Babesiosis
• Cat-Scratch Disease
• Ehrlichiolis anaplasmosis
• Haemobartonellosis
• Lyme Disease

The veterinarians of the Delmont Veterinary Hospital recommend and distribute the following highly effective professional-grade parasite control preventative treatments:

For Dogs:

For Cats:

Many of these parasites and diseases are zoonotic (transmissible to humans) as well. The tapeworm life cycle is also coordinated with fleas. Effective prophylaxis and treatment against these health threats are crucial. Fortunately, effective preventative treatments are readily available.

If parasite infection is suspected, our staff can provide a definitive diagnosis and treatments for common parasites, as well as the infectious agents that they may have transmitted to your pet. If your pet is being treated for a parasitic infection, you may decide to have your family members tested for infestation by your family doctor. Maintaining the health of your pet is critically important for all members of your family.

High-Quality Maintenance & Prescription Foods

Dogs and cats have special dietary needs that must be met in order for them to achieve and maintain optimum health. Companion animals are limited in their ability to obtain the nutrients necessary for their immune, nervous, and circulatory systems to function properly. They are completely dependent on you as their caretaker to provide them with all of their nutritional needs. A complete and balanced diet goes a long way toward maintaining the health of your pet.

The Delmont Veterinary Hospital recommends the following three brands of high-quality maintenance and special prescription diets for our dog and cat patients. These items are available for purchase at our hospital for your convenience.

Pain Control, Relaxants, & Behavior Modification

If your pet is experiencing behavioral issues resulting from excessive anxiety, stress, pain, or unease, we can help. Aside from our professional therapeutic services to relieve troubling medical issues, the Delmont Veterinary Hospital recommends and maintains a stock of high quality medications and therapeutic agents to assist you with providing relief for your troubled cat or dog.

The following pain control, relaxants, & behavior modification products are available in-stock for your convenience if found to be medically necessary for the treatment of your pet: